Fr Helio's Report to the Parish From Letefoho

8 February 2019 | General Interest

Re:  Brief Report of the school and the plans for 2019

Dearest Mana Georgina, LETS and the Catholic Parish of Lower North Shore

Letefoho Senior High School.

On behalf of the parishioners of Letefoho, I would like to extend our well wishes for the New Year, may it brings prosperity to us all.  I would to share with you information to keep you posted on the school progress and this year’s plans.

The result of the National exams on 2018 for the 12th grade students, we achieved 100% passing of the exams.  Two  of  our  students , Zelita Mariana Do Santos and  Zeferino de Jesus da Cruz, achieved a remarkable  exams  results , holding the second  place  for the whole of  Ermera Municipality. We are very proud of this achievement. We are yet to have the information regarding the number of students who will continue their studies to different universities in Timor for 2019. The 2018 intake record, for the universities across Timor, the numbers remains the same.

Another progress that we are pleased to share with you, is the significant increase in the number of new student for 2019 intake. In the history of the school, this is our highest record of new students’ enrolment.  So far, we have 106 new students enrolled and we are expecting more this week. This is the result of our collaboration and hard work in improving the quality of school systems, curriculum and the extracurricular activities. This is goes hand in hand, with the efforts in improving quality of infrastructures and facilities that support the learning and teaching processes.

I would like to say that, this success is a testament and evidence of the ongoing commitment and support from LETS, Parish of Lower North Shore, Sydney, Bakhita Centre, through Eddie’s support and other donors. On behalf of the people of Letefoho, parents, students, teachers and our local Authorities, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your support and collaboration. It makes significant impact in the lives of the students here in Letefoho Senior High School.

Echoing the information from Eugenio, We are committed to run the additional activities for the students to learn and enhanced their English, Portuguese and Computer skills as well as the newly designed program for study club.

Boarding House

The  school additional facilities such as the dormitory/boarding house is  our main reason  for the parents and communities to send their children to school, as the facilities provide the students specially girls  with  secure, safe and affordable accommodation, with enabling environment to grow and learn. This facility will be run by the Carmelites sisters.  The Boarding house is design to accommodate 60 girls.

Boarding house is completed and ready to house the students in January 2019.  Priorities will be given to students who are living remotely from the school (approximately two hours walking from and two schools) and for the 12th grade students. The main purpose for prioritising 12th grade students, is to provide them with space to learn, be supported and focus for the preparation for the national end of year examination.

The building of boarding house is ready to accommodate the students for both boys and girls. The facilities in boarding house are available for students are chairs, and tables. And need more others to complete.

New facilities in Letefoho high school

I am also happy to inform you that this year we have good news from the school. We have three additional class rooms, one big hall, kitchen, and canteen and school shop. Those facilities will provide good condition for students. Three class rooms will accommodate 105 students. Each class room will fit 35 students. One big hall will be useful for study club, big meeting, and having food in the school break.

Thank you once again for your ongoing commitment and support, we appreciate them very much and looking forward to be working together for this year.

Kind Regards,

Fr Helio Fernandes

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